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CNC/CAD - Design, Make your part and Run the Jet Engine!

This camp is all about "hands on". Use a professional CAD package, learn how to design the impeller. Along the way, learn about "design-for-manufacturability" and key manufacturing processes like casting, 3D/additive and high-precision CNC. Then make your part on a real CNC lathe. Next, use precision measuring tools to make sure your part meets spec. Finally, run the engine - yikes - this is for real.

Mechatronics - Learn about circuits, solder your board and program the roboCam!

Self-driving cars, remotely operated vehicles, robotic surveillance. What do they have in common? Learn about circuits. Assemble a servo-controlled real camera and then program it to operate wirelessly. When you're finished take home your own roboCam!

Meet high-tech manufacturers, find out if there's a career for You

DURING YOUR CAMP we'll have engineers, designers and machinists - the real world pros who are making the world's most fascinating high-tech products "come to life". Meet them. Find out - whether you plan to go straight to college, you want to get a good job after high-school or you want to explore employer programs that help you pay for your schooling - while you work. Hundreds of highly-paid jobs are available now and employers are looking for someone just like you.