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Cleveland OH - NTMA Spring Conference

March 9 - 11
Manufacturing Engagement: Keep YOUR Talent from Becoming THEIRS
It’s no secret. With unemployment at a historical low for the past several years, your best employees may be the perfect source of new talent – for your competitors. Based on how engaged and committed they are to your organization, workers can make the choice as to whether they want to stay with you or not. The bottom line is that you are faced with an enormous challenge: keeping your top talent from becoming someone else’s! Speaker: Lisa Ryan
Race for the White House: A 2020 Update
The 2016 election results shocked the country and the world, but the 2020 race for the White House will decide in which direction voters want to take the United States. NTMA's Washington, D.C. reprentatives with The Franklin Partnership and Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell will update attendees on the 2020 elections, the implications for manufacturers, and analyze the Democratic primaries. With our Spring Conference in the middle of the Democrat's primary contest, you won't want to miss the latest on which Democrat has the best chance to face President Trump, how candidates are communicating with manufacturers, and what it all means for you.
Presented by: Omar Nashashibi, Founding Partner, The Franklin Partnership
Caitlin Sickles, Director, Policy Resolution Group

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1360 W Mall Dr
Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Tower
Cleveland, OH
08:30 hrs.
8 Hours

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