Member Benefits

Making the Connection

“Our business is worldwide. We depend upon hundreds of suppliers. Managing those suppliers—many who are quite remote—is a challenge. Our experience as a 101MFG member has convinced us that in many cases we have the abilty to tap hard-to-find or unique resources right here in Northern California. Their proximity gives us a competitive advantage. It also gives our customers confidence that Icore has the deep expertise and breadth of best-in-class capabilities they are looking for.”
Ted Perdue, CEO, Zodiac Interconnect Americas

Taking Our Business to the Next Level

“We’ve engaged in several 101MFG programs –helping to grow our business and to reduce administrative costs. Right now, we’re preparing for our ISO and AS9100 certification through the 101MFG program. We’re ahead of the ‘typical’ schedule, for thousands if not tens of thousands less than we thought we could do it for. We’re poised to really grow our existing Aerospace and Communications business sectors, and to win larger customer commitments. Our success is due in part to our involvement with 101MFG –and we’re looking forward to new programs like this one that are sure to come along.”
Dan Hirschnitz, President, SRC-Haverhill Cables

Saving Money, Flexibility for Growth

“Like many companies, we struggled along year after year with insurance premiums and workers comp expenses that just continued to go up. The 101MFG / Vantreo program really opened our eyes. We saved almost $10,000 on premiums, we improved our coverage, we have a proactive risk-mitigation capability now and we’re on a path that gives our business the flexibility to grow. As more manufacturers join the program, we look forward to even more buying power and programs tailored to help us keep these costs under control while giving us the flexibility to grow our business.”
Debbie Ross, CEO, Clear Focus Imaging

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Making ‘The Web’ and Computing Make Money

“Ours is a high-tech field with a number of strong competitors. We needed to make sure our website was more than simply a ‘brochure.’ The101MFG webAdrenaline program revised our website, made it rank well on Google, and today we generate a significant portion of our company’s business directly from the website. We can go toe-to-toe with anyone at any scale in our business, and that’s a good feeling.”
Croy Davis, CEO, Volume Precision Glass

Getting "On the Approved Supplier List"

“101MFG is constantly promoting awareness of us - from Press Articles to re-engineering our website so larger customers like Apple and Cisco can FIND us, and know that we are capable of handling even their largest projects. We've been a member as long as the organization has been in existence, and I can say from personal experience we recommend it."
Pierre Miremont, President, Architectural Plastics

Being a Part of “California’s Next Great Manufacturing Center”

“We’ve been a trusted supplier to some of the largest, most successful communications, defense and industrial equipment builders in the US. Being a part of 101MFG has opened doors for us to new customers and new business opportunities for whom the name DJ Grey wasn’t (yet) well known. We’re simply delighted with the promotion, the press coverage and the introductions we’ve made to other suppliers and potential customers through our involvement with 101MFG. I don’t think I would have believed that such a small investment for a membership fee could have returned as much as it has. I am very glad we made the commitment to become a member.”
Marla Grey, CEO, DJ Grey Company