Are YOUR Benefits & HR Costs

Let’s face it, finding- and then keeping – key talent – whether experienced managers, top engineers or production-floor personnel – has never been tougher. That’s why you should consider becoming part of the 101MFG trusted manufacturer’s network. By attending special member-only seminars, networking with your peers, sharing best-practices and practical solutions – you can make the connections you need. The best companies have the best leadership, culture and alignment. And, they have great, competitive benefits. How do you accomplish that – without breaking the bank?

  • Attend an Extreme Performance Seminar
  • Attend a 2-Day Breakthrough Leadership & Alignment Seminar
  • Broadcast and recruit for targeted candidates on the 101MFG network
  • Get rebates of up to 90% of employee training expenses from ETP if you qualify
  • Get control of benefits, workers compensation
  • Learn how to become an employer-of-choice
  • Assess and reduce potential sources of company liability

Case Study: [ Seven Small-to-Medium Manufacturers Save almost $1MM ]

Problem: A couple years ago, 101MFG approached seven of our members who expressed their concerns about the costs of benefits and workers compensation that seemed to go up, almost without reason, every year. They felt powerless to address rising costs – but they were concerned about maintaining benefits programs that were competitive, so they could attract and retain their best employees.

101MFG’s Approach: We went out to bid for a strategic partnership [five insurance brokers were initially contacted, three decided to bid.] The goal was to gain negotiation leverage – by aggregating the buying influence of these, and other, 101MFG employers. After a 90-day shootout – Vantreo Insurance Brokerage was selected by the participants – primarily because they offered:

  • A comprehensive scope of insurance, benefits and workers comp solutions
  • A better customer-engagement/diagnosis [they found the gaps in liability or benefits]
  • Excellent savings
  • Ongoing seminars and professional development resources

101MFG’s Solution:

Under the 101MFG – Vantreo Extreme Performance™ Program, our Members benefit from:

  1. Savings of up to 10% or more
  2. Better [more robust] benefits coverage and plans
  3. Dramatic improvements/reductions in both expenses and costs of corporate liability items, ranging from auto/equipment & property, casualty and protection of the Owners/Officers and the firm from many different kinds of liability issues.
  4. Quarterly Leadership and Management seminars designed to address everything from sexual harassment in the workplace – to – reducing employee absenteeism and improving workforce productivity. [These seminars are worth thousands alone, but members simply pay for the cost of their lunch!]

Results: These seven companies – the smallest with 7 employees, the largest with 140 employees – actually saved almost $800,000 vs. their prior year existing costs. In several companies, new plans were offered that actually improved employee coverage, while reducing costs. To date, these companies have also trained more than 140 employees and managers – adding to their leadership and managerial skills.

Our Process:

  1. Attend member-only best practices and special seminars.
  2. Schedule an introductory appointment at your facility.
  3. Depending upon your HR areas of interest – improving benefits and reducing costs, getting workers comp under control, special leadership seminars for company managers – or a host of hiring/attraction and networking events – we’ll make the right connections for you.