Do YOUR Suppliers make your company Globally Competitive?

Finding qualified suppliers for key processes, components or manufacturing services is time-consuming and error prone. And yet, finding the right suppliers here, in California, proximate to your critical NPI or product development operations not only saves lead and cycle-time, audit expense, logistics and reduces total costs – it helps you build critical supplier relationships to protect Intellectual Property and over time enhance your strategic competitiveness and value-added capabilities.

We’ve done much of the work already for you: 101MFG Members have access to California’s most complete, fastest, easiest to use and comprehensive supplier database and company/capability profiles for 24,000 manufacturers.

  • Find key capabilities, suppliers & contacts online in minutes
  • Broadcast your RFP/RFQ on the 101MFG network
  • Let us arrange your next private supplier conference
  • Identify qualified WOSB’s, MBE’s, set-asides
  • Sponsor an online procurement event
  • Become a qualified supplier to other key OEMs
  • Share best-practices, sponsor a webinar or video

Case Study: [ High Tech California Auto Manufacturer ]

Problem: Growing from several thousand units to over 25,000 autos built and sold in just one year, the company is under extreme pressure as new engineering solutions proliferate, component designs are fast-tracked through manufacturing and the boundaries of many processes – from design to production to automation – are pushed to their ultimate limits. Logistics – the transportation, inventory, carrying and administrative costs of maintaining critical supplier relationships all over the world - were growing unmanageable and unpredictable.

101MFG’s Approach: Meeting with senior supply chain executives, we identified 10 supplier capabilities that were currently sourced far from the company’s high tech production facility – and that had dramatic negative impacts on redesign time, cycle-time/lead-time, costs or uniform quality. We secured the commitment of these executives to host – under NDA – a private supplier conference with qualified California companies.

101MFG’s Solution:

  1. 101MFG identified and prepared a dossier on each of twenty qualified suppliers – including company profile, process capabilities and experience/references. Executive contacts by function and the dossiers were all prepared in a unified format.
  2. 101MFG handled all of the logistics for the OEM for the day of the conference, including check-in/NDA completed, briefing on vendor policies and background bios of the company supply chain representatives. Immediately following the conference a social event was held to enable meeting participants to get to know each other.
  3. 101MFG followed-up with the OEM and the supplier executives to assess the outcome and benefits of the meeting.

Results: While exact figures are not reported publicly by the OEM, 101MFG assessed in follow-up communications that at least seven of the participating suppliers received work from the company within four months of the meeting – and again within one year of the meeting. More than $9MM of sourcing was contracted by that time.

Our Process:

  1. Pareto analysis – identify the truly critical supplier / process needs.
  2. Identify (or implement) your supplier-scoring criteria.
  3. Identify and rank potential supplier candidates.
  4. Optimize your engagement with potential suppliers... through:
    1. 101MFG Supplier Fairs,
    2. 101MFG will plan-conduct-execute your private Supplier conference,
    3. Broadcasting capabilities/RFP-RFQ to the 101MFG network online,
    4. Retained critical supplier search, procurement support,
    5. Powerful web/online tools for suppliers and OEM’s for quality reporting, online quoting and configuration following best-practices.