Tesla to Be California's Largest Manufacturer 2019 (LA Times)

Plan to Add 4,400 employees in Bay Area (LA Times)

 News By : Dick Herman


Tesla Largest CA Mfr by 2019?

The California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (also known as GO-Biz) voted late Thursday to include Tesla among more than 60 companies that will share in an almost $50-million tax break package.

Tesla would get the full amount by creating 4,426 positions by 2019. The jobs must have a minimum annual salary of $35,000 and an average salary of at least $55,000. The contract calls for Tesla to collect $10.5 million of the incentives in 2019, after it has hired most of the workers.

The company has already made most of the hires, according to Tesla. The state is measuring from a base of about 6,500 jobs, but the automaker said Tuesday that figure is already out of date. It now has more than 9,000 workers in California.

That makes Tesla the state’s largest manufacturing employer, said company spokesperson Ricardo Reyes.

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