Buying or Selling ... YOUR Business?

During the next five to seven years, as the current generation owners of small-to-medium privately held California manufacturers progress toward their retirement – there will be an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 owner exits. This level of activity is unprecedented in our history. The existing infrastructure of …. Wealth advisors, M&A specialists and private equity firms will simply not be able to handle every transaction effectively – there just will not be the time or the level of experience for so many deals.

101MFG has partnered with two premier firms: Annadel Capital and Moss-Adams Capital LLC – to help SMB manufacturing owners plan for the most important financial transaction of their lives – the sale of their business. 

  • Exit strategy, succession & wealth & tax planning for owners
  • Identifying and stratifying likely, qualified Private Equity
  • Identifying and stratifying qualified Buyers, Sellers
  • Merger-Acquisition-Divestiture market analysis, competitor studies
  • Valuation - especially for closely-held or SMB/specialty businesses
  • Risk Assessment - Seller/Buyer - technology, key-employees, market, competitor
  • Sales & Operations Improvement Plans - key performance metrics
  • Deal-structures
  • Buyer transaction & execution support
  • Seller transaction & execution support

Case Study: [ Rollup Acquisition of Precision Manufacturers ]

Problem: 101MFG was retained by an experienced private principal who recently had managed a $1B division of a major electronics concern, looking for his next assignment. One option – to roll-up several smaller precision manufacturers into a larger entity, with the capital [in excess of $30MM] and a breadth of services and technologies to create a uniquely capable end-to-end contract manufacturing firm to specialize in medical devices, aerospace and capital equipment fabrication for major Bay Area OEMs.

101MFG’s Approach: We assembled an experienced team of operations, sales and financial executives, and during the course of several months helped the principal build the sales and operating plans to present to private equity investors. Then, we introduced the principal and his team to several qualified firms.

101MFG’s Solution:

  1. Canvassed over fifty prospective acquisition targets – prequalifying seven;
  2. Assembled a qualified team of operations, finance and marketing executives;
  3. Conducted a market/customer survey to identify the niche and the competitive landscape for the (proposed) new entity;
  4. Brokered initial (private) introductions for the Principal;
  5. Prepared a detailed Operating Plan and 5-Year Pro-forma;
  6. Prepared all supporting marketing/deal collateral;

Results: 101MFG brokered meetings for company principals with qualified  private equity principals, key manufacturing (operations, sourcing, production) experts and financial/legal advisors. Within six-months the deal was closed.

Our Process:

  1. Attend 101MFG member-only meetings – get to know us and our world class team of financial experts.
  2. Engage us in a preliminary, personal dialog: What is the time horizon, what are the owners’ private goals and the long term financial plan for the business?
  3. We’ll assign your unique team of specialists and develop the strategy, plan and execute a successful transaction for you.