Quality and Productivity

World-leading customers and OEM's today are demanding more from their supplier quality reporting, audit and inspection support than ever before. What used to be required by Aerospace, Auto or Medical customers from their suppliers... traceability, verification, test/conformance reporting... is now standard 'best-practice'.

And yet, how does the OEM standardize among hundreds of suppliers? How does each supplier meet customer spec - without spending a fortune, and more time on reporting and paperwork than it takes to produce the part?

Announcing the Partnership of 101MFG and 1Factory: Put the power of comprehensive, web-enabled, on-demand quality reporting, sharable with internal users, customers, suppliers and key second-ops providers - into the hands of those who need it - for $49/month per User!

  • Paperless Q/C
  • "Automatic" Balloning from Part Prints
  • Quality Docs, First Articles (PPAP, AS9102...)
  • Customizable Inspection Support Documentation
  • Full SPC and Process Capability (Cpk, Ppk)
  • Non-conformance / CAPA (SCAR, 8D...)
  • Internal/External Factory Job-Status
  • Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility -Early Warning
  • Web-Enabled: Network Secure Access Privileges
  • Supplier Quality Dashboard - Customizable

Case Study: [ Global $4B Optical Manufacturer ]

Problem: With hundreds of internal and external precision component suppliers worldwide, rapidly-shrinking time-to-market and the need for improved supplier quality and visibility, this worldwide leader in the thin-film optical components market needed uniformity, on-demand visibility into individual supplier performance and bottlenecks, and by-lot or by-item visibility.

101MFG’s Approach: We brokered meetings with top-operations executives and the 1Factory senior managers and engineers - former Novellus and Lam Research Quality executives who've developed the next-generation quality reporting and "cloud-based" supplier performance monitoring software solution, for suppliers and OEM's.

1Factory’s Solution:

  1. 101MFG introduced 1Factory engineers to senior Quality and Supplier management executives - who layed out priorities, discussed supplier reporting needs and internal manufacturing reporting needs.
  2. 1Factory conducted on-site audits and process 'discovery' meetings with both domestic and global - internal and external - precision component suppliers, to develop a prioritized list of existing reporting, data and supplier quality metrics. (The software integrates with any MRP system).
  3. 1Factory then conducted training (1-day per location) for the Company's supplier and quality staffs at each site, customized the reporting formats to meet the priorities identified previously - and within 60 days the company was up and running - worldwide!

Results: Immediately, the 'Supplier Dashboard' and on-demand reporting began to identify and to flag - nonconformance and delivery/production-schedule risks - enabling supplier managers to anticipate and to focus on high-risk issues- before they were a problem, propose corrective-actions and to eliminate product delays. Overall economic impact (savings) is on the order of tens-of-millions.

Our Process:

  1. Setup a meeting with 101MFG.
  2. Identify (or implement) your supplier-scoring criteria.
  3. Identify the value-proposition (savings estimate).
  4. Engage with the 1Factory team-members.