Do Industry's Best OEM's KNOW Your Company's Capabilties?

We’ll show you how to take almost any sales & marketing budget and improve performance, grow a predictable, reliable revenue model and reduce your cost-of-sales.

Historical data shows - for every ONE great customer you have, there are SEVEN more potential customers in your market who haven't engaged with you, or who don't even KNOW your company.

Get on the short-list, identify and qualify new prospects – build the sales pipeline with 101MFG

  • Find qualified prospects and new contacts online
  • Eliminate quote, configuration or out-of-spec errors
  • Build a repeatable, reliable revenue forecast
  • Turn your website into your best salesperson
  • Sponsor a member profile best practice video or webinar
  • Broadcast a key capability or new process to thousands on the 101MFG network

Case Study: [ $6MM Electronics Assembler]

Problem: Sales were stagnant at about $3MM annually. The company sold through manufacturer’s reps, true cost-of-sales was high (over 10%) and even though the company counted among its customers a number of leading communications, defense & aerospace and industrial OEMs - orders seldom reached a significant level for any one OEM.

101MFG’s Approach: We profiled the best customers by… industry, application, buying process and product/configuration. We conducted targeted, blind-interviews of key buyers, then we identified estimated share of procurement – along the way identifying the supplier’s lack of Quality certifications (ISO 9001, AS9100) and poor online configuration / engineering tools as barriers to sales growth and larger customer commitments.

101MFG’s Solution:

  1. We built a custom web-based cable assembly configuration to eliminate quote/spec errors for more than 40,000 different assemblies; automated quote-request work flow, and created a future marketing contacts database (complete with product/configuration histories) and real-time notification on web devices, including smart phones.
  2. Re-designed the website to include detailed specifications, engineering parameters and assembly alternatives – so that customer engineers could search, find and configure their solutions in minutes.
  3. Press and PR – researched, wrote and published through a major online electronics magazine the capabilities, design challenges and successful applications of the company’s unique microwave absorber product – to boost awareness and OEM visibility.
  4. Engaged the 101MFG low-cost, rapid Quality Certification consultant – the company received ISO certification in under 6 months, and AS9100 certification soon thereafter – for less than $15,000.
  5. Designed and deployed quarterly email best practices engineering tips to keep the company and its capabilities top-of-mind with 3,000 key engineering and purchasing customer specialists.
  6. Created sales brochures, a 12 page full color product and specification guide and print-on-demand tools for supporting company reps and sales partners.

Results: Sales have doubled, the company is receiving larger orders and customer commitments – some in the millions – and the company and its website consistently rank on the first page above even its larger competitors. Quoting takes less than half the time (saving time and improving customer response) and errors have been eliminated. Cost of sales has been reduced by almost 50%.

Our Process:

  1. Identify your capabilities and scope of solution for OEMs
  2. Profile best customer / vertical industry attributes.
  3. Identify the qualified prospect list, contacts and sales pipeline.
  4. Build online/web and event campaigns to secure key executive, engineering contacts.
  5. Prioritize your sales channels & forecasting methodology.
  6. Build the quoting, configuration or other online sales tools to streamline customer acquisition.
  7. Monthly analytics and metrics to track success against plan.