Old-Timers - Advice for Tesla Mfg Ramp Up


In the wake of Tesla’s delivery this weekend of its first mass-market car the Model 3, the Internet is awash in speculation over whether the automaker can successfully quintuple its production rate to a half million units by 2018.

... the most valuable asset is the workforce, the most valuable tool is learning and safety is the most important issue. The whole problem is investors who want an immediate return on their investment. So Tesla is going to China?!? Taxpayers have invested too much of our tax money into Tesla for this to happen. It should be forbidden. Suck it up buttercup and hire some old time talent to come in and manage your plant. Better yet, get the h___ out of California and move the plant where skilled labor isn't as costly and who [sic] are willing to work their fanny off to give you quality plus. Go South young men; Go to the Heart of Dixie.”

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